Amar Chotai Presents His Debut Single, ‘Girl I Miss You,’ Out 10th October 2016

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August 9, 2016
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Amar Chotai Presents His Debut Single, ‘Girl I Miss You,’ Out 10th October 2016

Talented singer, songwriter and instrumentalist, Amar Chotai, has an intriguing persona: Doctor by day, and Musician by night. He is following his boyhood dream, with a mission to create happiness and peace through music. ‘Girl I Miss You,’ produced by Blast Studios in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, is a delicate and beautiful blend of Western, Bollywood and Indian Classical genres of music, which will pull at your heart-strings, as he strives to break the boundaries, and present something different.

Amar, classically trained in Hindustani vocal music, displays great versatility and flair. He has a soul-stirring voice, and sings with passion, enabling his audience to easily form a bond with him and his music. Having sadly lost his mother at a young age, Amar has used music as a portal to convey his pain and emotion. His debut single has a very soothing melody, complemented by pure, honest and heartfelt lyrics, mirroring his endearing personality. Amar strongly believes that music has healing powers, and is fortunate to practice this: “Being a Doctor I am privileged to save lives… However, being a Musician is a true blessing from God, because I am able to heal and enrich the lives of people from all walks of life.”

“Amar is not only extremely gifted, but a kind, spiritual and soulful person… His voice and music are truly from the heart.” Ben Helm, Session Guitarist, Music Director and Producer

“His song has brought tears to my eyes… Amar has created a beautiful melody, and performed it with great feeling and power.” Das Amarjit Kalsi, Tabla player

Upcoming Live Sets:

  • October 15th 2016: National Asian Wedding Fair (London Excel Arena) from 10am – 6pm
  • October 16th 2016: Diwali on the Square (Trafalgar Square, London) from 4pm – 5pm
  • October 22nd 2016: Gulshan Radio Diwali Mela (Birmingham)
  • November 3rd 2016: Live Music TV Show, ‘Music ’N’ Adda’ (NDTV, Sky Channel 838) from 11pm – 1230am
  • December 3rd 2016: ‘Amar Chotai’ Live in Concert (Newcastle-upon-Tyne) from 7pm – 9pm

Radio Play:

  • Spice FM, Newcastle-upon-Tyne
  • Ambur Radio, Birmingham
  • Gulshan Radio, Birmingham
  • Radio XL, Birmingham

Social Media Addresses:

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