‘Magical Voice of India’ Competition in Bangalore and Ahmedabad, India

November 26, 2015
My Debut Song Release…
August 9, 2016

‘Magical Voice of India’ Competition in Bangalore and Ahmedabad, India

This was my first trip to India in nearly 10 years!!

The first rounds of the competition were held regionally all over India, but I decided to enter the Bangalore audition.

I arrived at the venue at 8am to find approximately a 1000 people in the queue already, which was quite a daunting experience. After standing outside in the heat for 4 hours, I finally entered the venue. People were divided into batches of 10, and out of us, 2 people were to be selected for Round 2.

I was nervous, but I knew I had to believe in myself, and sing with soul and feeling. The judge made me sing 4 songs, and I made it through to the 2nd round, after an agonising wait. The 2nd round was in front of a large audience, with live instrumentation, and was therefore a different ball-game altogether. I chose the song ‘muskurane ki wajah,’ and sang it well. The 2 judges stopped me after about a minute and gave me a gold medal. I had made it through to the 3rd round as the ‘Top 15’ in Bangalore, which really was a wonderful feeling and a great boost of confidence.

The quarter-final stage was in Ahmedabad 2 weeks later, and I knew that this would be challenging against the best regional singers in India. There were 7 judges this time, and all the participants were given 2 minutes to sing a song of their choice. I sang a very challenging song called ‘Parda hai Parda’ by Mohammed Rafi, and fortunately made it through to the 4th round of the competition, which had well-exceeded the initial expectation I had.

The competition was now fierce, and there were some exceptional singers there, especially from Punjab and Rajasthan. To up my game, I sang the song ‘O Re Piya,’ and made it to the top 50 stage of the competition after a very hard fought round. I knew I was now one round away from the Semi-finals, which would have been a magnificent achievement.

I felt very nervous, although in hindsight there was probably no reason to be, as I had reached this far through merit. However, I unfortunately made a couple of errors in a difficult song called ‘Laal Ishq,’ and was knocked out of the competition. I felt gutted because I knew I could have gone further. Overall, though, it was a wonderful and character-building experience!

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