‘Magical Voice of India’ Competition in Bangalore and Ahmedabad, India
April 15, 2016


Welcome to my blog, where you can follow my musical journey.

It’s been a very eventful first 2 months of my sabbatical. Music is most definitely a tough career. Unlike Medicine, there is no clear path; one must keep working hard, and continue to try and seek new opportunities to open different avenues. There is a much greater mix of success and failure, which I guess I am currently adapting to.

Performing is an amazing buzz! It’s very difficult to replicate that feeling of singing your first note in front of hundreds of people. However, it can also be a very lonely place once the show is over. It’s a huge anti-climax,  and often I am the only person left in the room, quietly packing my equipment away, once all the guests have left. It’s such a stark contrast: all the energy, to complete silence; like the calm after a storm, but tinged with a little sadness.

I am working hard, trying to better myself on a daily basis, and striving for perfection. Performing regularly is giving me confidence and I am constantly learning from new experiences. Do stay tuned to this blog, which I shall be adding to on a regular basis.

Stay safe, and continue living through music…



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